11+ Best TH3 Bases 2021 | Anti 3-Star (New!)

If you are looking for the best town hall 3 farming or war bases then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss the best TH3 bases by which you can progress in this game faster. 

With the help of these bases, you will not only protect your loot but also win trophies on defense. It is nearly impossible to save all your gold and elixir but with a proper base structure, you will be able to save maximum resources. 

A very important tip that I would like to give to all the town hall 3 players is to join a high-level Clan. Joining a high-level clan ensures that you will get high-level troops in your clan castle that will help you in defense.  Whenever an opponent attacks your base this clan castle troops will help the defenses that give you an edge over other players. 

The lower Town Hall levels such as TH3 in Clash of Clans seem pretty boring but are very important for beginners to familiarise themselves with this game.  Townhall 3 has very few buildings and troops. It takes very little time and effort to max out town hall 3 bases with proper strategy. The mistake that most of the people make in the lower-level town halls is that they simply ignore the walls.

Upgrading the walls is very important as the higher the level of the walls the stronger is your defence. Giant will take a lot of time to penetrate through to higher-level walls that will give your cannon and archer tower more time to kill them. 

Let’s begin the list of best town hall 3 base layouts. I have mentioned 10+ farming and war base layouts along with some descriptions to help clashers understand the base layout quicker.

Best TH3 War Bases

Town Hall 3 has only four defenses consisting of two cannons, one mortar, and one archer tower. To win in war you need to protect these defenses the most. The opponent must have a hard time destroying your defenses and protecting them with high-level walls is the best thing that you can do. 

The town hall 3 war base mentioned below is built to protect your defenses. It is an anti-three-star war base design with the town hall vulnerable outside the walls. There are small compartments inside the walls that protect every defense. To ensure win don’t forget to request high-level clan castle troops from your clan. 

th3 base

This second TH3 war base is also an excellent choice as it has townhall protected by the defenses. The archer tower is placed such that the opponent troops have a hard time reaching it. Some extra wall protection is given to the archer tower so that opponent archers are not able to destroy it with their range. Overall it is a good war base design that is popularly used by many players.

th3 base link


The below mentioned is another anti-3-star war base layout with the town hall outside the walls. The mortar is placed strategically in the middle so that it can use its long-range to kill enemy troops. The two cannons have wall protection around them so that giants don’t destroy them directly. This is another war base in which the opponent will have a hard time to 3 stars you if you have clan castle troops.

townhall 3 base links

The below-mentioned war base is very interesting as the walls in this base are uniquely placed. The town hall is placed in between and is well-protected by walls. The defenses (archer tower, mortar, and cannons) are vulnerable in this war base setup as it doesn’t have any wall protection. You can try this war base in a friendly attack and if it does work for you then you can also use it in the war. This war base layout is a bit tricky for opponents as they get confused by seeing the unique wall placements.

th3 bases links

This town hall 3 war base is quite different from regular war bases. As you can see the town hall, archer tower, and mortar are placed in one wall compartment and the clan castle is placed in another wall compartment. It is very unlikely to see the clan Castle inside walls but it is strategically placed as clan castle has higher hit points so it takes a longer time to get destroyed.

Both the canons are placed outside the walls in this war base layout. You can try this war base in a friendly attack and if it is successful in defending then you can use it in war.

coc townhall 3 bases

The last town hall 3 war base layout in our list also has the town hall vulnerable outside the walls. The mortar and archer tower are placed in one wall compartment and the cannons are placed separately in different wall compartments. The bombs are placed in the middle compartment between the mortar and the archer tower. This is another tricky war base layout that I personally like a lot as it completely confuses the opponent.

coc th3 bases

Best TH3 Farming Bases

I know it is very annoying to lose all your hard-earned resources (gold & elixir) when someone attacks your base. If you want to quickly excel in this game then protecting your loot is the most important thing to do.  If you keep losing all your gold and elixir in defenses you will require a lot of time to upgrade your village. Placing your defenses and resource collectors strategically to save your loot is very essential. 

There are no small wall compartments in this farming base. All the defenses and town hall are placed in the same wall compartment. This is a widely suggested TH3 farming base design. If you want to protect your gold and elixir then use this amazing base layout!

th3 base


The farming base given below is my personal favorite and I still remember using this base layout when I was at town hall level 3. This is simply a very powerful base design that protects your gold and elixir storage properly. There are two main wall compartments in this base design. The town hall and cannons are placed in one wall compartment and the other wall compartment comprises an archer tower, mortar, and collectors. If you want to quickly move to town hall level 4 then use this base for farming and I guarantee you will be able to move quickly to the next town hall level.

townhall 3 bases

Some of the players will question the below-mentioned base and will doubt if it will really protect your loot or not. Seeing the base layout for the first time I also thought that it was a war base and not a farming base. But, trust me when you use it you will come to know that it is a farming base that decently protects your loot as well as the town hall.

When the opponent places the giants they are pulled towards the cannons and a bomb is strategically placed beside the cannon. The giants are killed easily by the defenses and collectors are protected. However, some of the loot will be gone but it will prevent most of the loot. You can label this base as a hybrid base as it not only protects the defenses but also the loot.

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The TH3 farming base given below is amongst the most widely used and popular bases at this level. It has all the resource collectors and defenses inside a single-wall compartment. It is a very simple but useful base layout that can be easily understood by players. It is an overall good base with properly placed defenses.

th3 bases

This is also a great farming base with all the defenses, gold and elixir storages, and townhall placed inside walls. It is an amazing base design to protect your loot with the town hall placed in the middle. It is amongst the most used town hall 3 farming base. You can give this base layout a try and if you like it then use it for the long term.

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