Town Hall 10 Bases

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Best Town Hall 10 Bases With Links

Game developer Supercell has made some very successful games in the past, such as Hay Day and Boom Beach. Now, the company has introduced its most ambitious game yet: Clash of Clans. With over 50 million daily active users, Clash of Clans has already become one of the most popular games on Android and iOS devices. In this article, we’ll explore what makes Clash of Clans so unique and why it’s been such a huge success.

First, you’ll start with your town hall which is where your base is located. You can also upgrade it to make it bigger, better, and stronger as well as improve its defenses so that no matter what you always have a place to call home. Then you can build a barracks for training troops, a laboratory for researching new upgrades, and a gold mine where you can collect gold to buy resources that are needed for various things such as upgrading buildings or building new ones. Once all these basic structures are built then there is still much more fun stuff to do! 

Your main goal in Clash of Clans is to destroy your enemy’s Town Hall building before they destroy yours. To do that you will train an army made up of Barbarians, Archers, Giants, Witches, and Wizards. These different troop types will be unlocked by upgrading your Laboratory after every few levels and each troop has its special properties such as Wizards being able to attack air units while Giant’s deal splash damage. The troops you train will then be placed in either a Barracks or Archery (or even both!) depending on their type and if they don’t fit inside then they’ll stand outside waiting for deployment. 

All units cost Elixir to deploy but only one unit at a time can be trained at once. So how long do you wait? Well, that all depends on just how fast you want them ready again! Elixir is obtained primarily from Gold Mines but you can also earn it through getting Achievements and through multiplayer battles too. But creating an amazing army isn’t enough to ensure victory; behind every good battle plan lies solid strategy, tactics, and teamwork. Successful strategies include timing your attacks when you know your opponent won’t be online and taking advantage of his/her weaknesses like using Minions against defensive structures and using Goblins against Mortars etc.

It may be tempting to focus entirely on attacking but remember that high-level players put plenty of effort into defending their bases too; making sure you have sufficient infrastructure to defend yourself is vital if you hope to win a Clan War or reach high leagues!

The townhall 10 in clash of clans looks crimson red and blue. The townhall 10 has 5500 hitpoints is a huge upgrade from townhall 9. It takes 5,00,0000 gold to upgrade to townhall 10 and 14 days for builders to upgrade as well as build it. You receive around 1100 experience when the town hall is finished upgrading.

The town hall 10 can hold up to 1,500,000 gold and elixir respectively along with 1500 dark elixir in it. You get additional 25 walls in town hall 10 making the total number of walls to 275.