Town Hall 5 Bases

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Best Town Hall 5 Bases With Links

Best Townhall 5 Bases

Clash of clans is a strategy game in which players build up their townhalls and defenses to protect their villages from other players. The ultimate goal is to destroy the opponent’s town hall, and Clash of clans is known for its intense and strategic gameplay.

Townhalls are the most important buildings in Clash of clans, as they are the ones that generate resources for players. It is therefore important to protect them at all costs and to use them as bases for further expansion.

There are a variety of base designs that can be used in Clash of clans, and each player will have their preferences. However, some general tips can be followed to create a strong base.

The first step is to make sure that all the buildings are centralized, as this makes it easier for players to generate resources and upgrade their defenses. Also, players should ensure that there are no gaps between walls within the base, as the gaps will be used by invading armies to sneak into the town hall.

Sometimes, purposely the walls have gaps, so the attacking troops enter through the gap only. There are numerous traps and bombs strategically placed in these gaps. Also, the entire structure of the base is created concerning those wall gaps.

The town hall should be placed in the center of the base, and it is important to upgrade it as soon as possible to make it more difficult to destroy. The walls should also be upgraded, as they provide an important defense against attacking armies.

Finally, players should always keep an eye on their resources and make sure that they are not running low. If they do run out of resources, they will not be able to upgrade their defenses or town hall, which could leave them vulnerable to attack.

Clash of clans is a highly addictive strategy game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. It is one of the most popular games on the App Store as well as on Playstore, and it is sure to provide hours of entertainment for players who enjoy strategy and town-building games.

Townhall level 5 of clash of clans has 2400 hitpoints that are a huge upgrade from townhall 4. You require 1,50,000 gold to upgrade from townhall 4 to townhall level 5. It requires two days (48 hours) for your builders to build townhall 5. You get around 415 experience added to your account when you finish upgrading the town hall. Your town hall at level 5 can store up to 1,00,000 gold and elixir in it. 

After upgrading to townhall 5 you get an additional 11 that also includes traps and bombs. You also get additional 25 walls that make the total count of walls 100. Never upgrade to townhall 6 until and unless all your 100 walls are of level 5. Keep this rule in this mind if you are looking to make long-term progress in the clash of clans. Make sure to use your lightning spell strategically at this townhall level.