Town Hall 6 Bases

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Best Town Hall 6 Bases With Links

Best Townhall 6 Bases

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular games worldwide. It is constantly evolving, with new updates constantly being released. Townhall 6 was one of the latest updates and is now available to all players. Townhall 6 has been released and clans everywhere are struggling to find the most efficient way to defeat this new level. This article provides an overview of what is new and how it affects Clash of Clans gameplay. Clash of clans is a game that is trending right now. The game starts with one town hall and progresses with the player upgrading their town hall to higher levels.

There are going to be a lot of major changes that come with Townhall 6, and we wanted to take a moment to show off some of the new features you can expect when it arrives. Townhall 6 will introduce a brand-new defensive building – a Cannon, a smaller but more powerful Archer Tower, and an air sweeper. The Cannon will be an extremely powerful weapon against ground troops, capable of destroying enemy troops better than any other defensive building in Clash of Clans. In addition, its long-range attack is especially effective against troops with lots of hit points like Giants or Pekka.

The players can upgrade their townhall only when the previous one has reached 10% of its maximum upgrades. It is important to invest in troops and items for battles because they are necessary for survival in the game. Townhall 6 has taken some time for players to solve but it can be done with some strategy. In addition to challenging new gameplay mechanics, Townhall 6 adds a whole bunch of social features to the game.

Townhall 6 has introduced a lot of new features, such as air defenses, air mines, and traps that can be deployed in the center of town. The update also brings news items that you can collect from your clanmates or create yourself that will help your clan’s progress. This includes things like troop request notifications, “no join” requests from other clans, and reports on teammates who haven’t been active in Clans lately.

The Townhall 6 has 2800 whopping hitpoints which makes it very difficult to destroy it. To upgrade it from Townhall 5, you need a total of 7,50,000 gold and four days for builders to build it. Townhall 6 can hold 3,00,000 gold as well as an elixir in it. You unlock six more buildings when you upgrade your base from Townhall 5 to Townhall 6. You get additional 25 walls in this level of the town hall, which makes a total of 125 walls. 

Upgrading your walls to the maximum level possible is a key to winning in wars and while defending. Never upgrade your town hall to the next level until and unless you have max-level walls. Make sure there are no wall gaps in your village or troops will easily get inside and destroy your base. Sometimes, some bases have wall gapes strategically placed. They have a lot of traps and bombs over there to distract the opponent troops.