Town Hall 9 Bases

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Best Town Hall 9 Bases With Links

Clash of Clans was released in August 2012, and it’s enjoyed explosive growth in that time. The game just celebrated its 1st anniversary on the App Store, and players are looking back on their first year of Clash of Clans gaming with nostalgia and praise. The milestone has also generated some interesting statistics – 1 billion gems have been mined in that time, 5 billion Builder Halls have been built, and 60% of players are women. In honor of the game’s anniversary, we’ve compiled some fun facts from the past year in Clash of Clans!

You can’t take too many troops to Clan War. We know that seems like an obvious statement, but we know how easy it is to get lost in planning out your attacks without even considering defense. Attackers win Trophies because they get more stars per attack – each troop counts toward getting a star, and using too few troops means you won’t earn enough stars to climb ranks and earn the Stars required for rewards. Don’t forget to always use spells on offense, especially Lightning which causes an instant 1-star victory! Spells are key to 3-starring as well; make sure you save them for bases where 1 or 2 more stars will push you over 3 total so that when combined with a match bonus can help increase your percentage! 

Use Rage wisely (it takes 7 hours to refill) and only use it during crucial moments to speed up your offensive actions. Don’t worry about saving it unless you see something on Defense that looks like it would normally be overpowered if left alone (like a Giant). Also, don’t feel bad if you have nothing ready for defense once your opponent loses their first army; not having an army prepared for defense doesn’t cost any trophies and keeps most attackers from gaining extra trophies through Loot Cart sniping! Just drop one of your troops from Offense onto the CC, then move everything else into safety at clan castle before restarting your defenses. 

Do whatever you need to do before reloading/building more; even throwing down walls around storages works just fine if there aren’t already hordes of barbarians coming for those same storages! If you haven’t already set these game notifications to sound off after hitting Save, add them now (through Edit Settings under Army>Notifications) and make sure not to disable Push Notifications! Good pushes are vital. If you want early war starts to consider asking your fellow clan mates in advance to start their wars 10 minutes earlier than usual – set a calendar reminder so everyone remembers with plenty of time to prepare.

The townhall 9 in clash of clans looks dark gray with a red flag on top. The townhall 9 has 4200 hitpoints is a huge upgrade from townhall 8. It takes 300000 gold to upgrade to townhall 10 and 10 days for builders to upgrade as well as build it. You receive around 929 experience when the town hall is finished upgrading.

The town hall 9 can hold up to 100000 gold and elixir respectively along with 10000 dark elixirs in it. You get additional 25 walls in town hall 9 making the total number of walls to 250.